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  • Weekly Specials 5/25-5/31

    Cantaloupe $1.49/lbOn-the-vine Tomatoes $1.49/lbTaylor Farms Veggie Tray 18oz $5.99Bi-Color Corn 2/$3.00Bullseye or Kraft BBQ Sauce 18oz $1.69Ritz Crackers 8-13oz $2.99Selected Nabisco Crackers 6-9oz $2.69Bush’s Baked Beans 22-28oz 2/$5.00Kraft Salad Dressings 16oz 2/$6.00Cheez It Crackers 9-12oz $3.29Chinet Paper Plates 24-60 count […]

  • Weekly Specials 5/18-5/24

    Broccoli Crowns $1.99/lbFuji Apples $1.49/lbRusset Baking Potatoes .99¢/lbDole Pineapple 2/$7.00Kraft Mayo 30oz $4.49Kraft Miracle Whip 30oz $6.29Selected Keebler Cookies 8-12oz 2/$5.00Darigold Cheese 24-32oz $5.99Selected General Mills Cereals 14-16oz $3.29Dawn Dish Soap 19.4oz $3.29Simply Done Toilet Paper 12 Roll $5.99Darigold Cottage […]

  • Weekly Specials 5/4-5/10

    Yumi Strawberries 1 lb $3.99Whole or Sliced Mushrooms 8oz 2/$5.00Asparagus $4.99/lbPepsi Products 16.9oz 6-pack bottles 4/$15.00Bubly 8-pack cans 3/$11.00Pepsi Products 7.5oz 6-pack cans 2/$7.00Rockstar 16oz 4/$5.00Truly 12-pack cans $17.99Selected General Mills Cereals 8-12oz 2/$5.00Wide Awake Coffee 10-12oz $4.49Darigold Milk 64oz […]