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  • Buy the Case Sale!

    Any orders must be pre ordered and turned into the store by 9/14/22.

    Order forms are available in store.

    Stop by today to fill one out.

    Prices effective September 7 – 20, 2022

    Orders can be picked up on Monday, September 19 through September 23

    Print Order Forms Here!Download

    Print Order Forms Here!Download

  • JUST IN!

    Weekly Specials 8/10-8/16

    Red or Green Grapes $2.99/lbOn The Vine Tomatoes $1.69/lbKraft Mayo 30oz $4.99Langers Juices 64oz $2.29Chips Ahoy Cookies 9-13oz $3.49Tillamook Cheeses 2lb $7.99Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce 18oz $1.79Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats or Raisin Bran 14-18oz $2.99Xtra Liquid Laundry Detergent 56-67oz $2.99Wild Mike’s Pizza 14″ $6.29Doritos or Smartfood Popcorn 6-10oz $3.49Hunt’s Canned Tomatoes 14oz […]

  • Here Are Your Specials For 7/20 to 7/26

    Cosmic Crisp Apples $1.49/lbOn The Vine Tomatoes $1.79/lbYellow Onions .99¢/lbGrape Tomatoes 10oz 2/$5.00Kraft Salad Dressing 16oz 2/$6.00Kraft Shredded Cheese 8oz 2/$5.00Kraft Mayo 30oz $4.99Ritz Crackers 8-13oz $3.69Bandon Medium Cheddar Cheese 2lb $7.99Fritos/Doritos/Sunchips 7-10oz 2/$7.00Hunts Ketchup 20oz $1.29Cheerios 18oz $4.79Nature Valley Granola Bars 6 count $2.79Imperial Mixed Nuts or Cashews 8oz $4.99Zoi Greek Yogurt 6oz .89¢Darigold […]

  • Here Are Your New Weekly Specials For 7/6-7/12

    Red Bell Peppers $2.99/lbYellow Bell Peppers $2.99/lbCauliflower $1.69/lbLa Victoria Salsa 16oz $2.29Rosarita Refried Beans 16oz $1.29Old El Paso Taco Shells 4-6oz 2/$3.00Tillamook Shredded Cheese 8oz 2/$5.00Chicken Of The Sea Tuna 5oz $1.29Selected Family Size Nabisco Crackers 12-14oz $3.99Party Size Frito Lay Products 9-14oz $4.29Hunt’s Canned Tomatoes 14.5oz 2/$3.00Hunt’s Manwich Sauce 15oz 2/$3.00Kraft Shells & Cheese […]

  • Weekly Specials 6/29-7/5

    Whole Seedless Watermelon $8.99 eachGreen Seedless Grapes $2.99/lbOn The Vine Tomatoes $1.49/lbWhole or Sliced Mushrooms 8oz 2/$5.00Taylor Farms Veggie Tray 40oz $12.49Heinz Ketchup 38oz $4.99Selected Nabisco Crackers 6-8z $2.99Cowbelle Ice Cream 48oz 2/$7.00Bush Baked Beans 22-28oz $2.69Knorr Pasta or Rice Sides 4-5oz 2/$3.00Cool Whip 8oz 2/$4.00Marie Calenders Pies 26-40oz $6.99Lays 7-8oz 2/$5.00Franz Buns 6-8 count […]

  • New Special June 22 through June 28

    Cantaloupe $1.49/lbWalla Walla Sweet Onions $1.49/lbLemons .69¢Green Cabbage $1.49/lbCoors Light 30-pack cans $26.99Kraft Mayo 30oz $4.99Kraft Salad Dressing 16oz 2/$6.00Kraft Mac & Cheese 5-7oz 2/$3.00Banquet Frozen Meals 7-11oz 2/$3.00Selected General Mills Cereal 10-11oz $2.99Dawn Dish Soap 28oz $4.49Darigold Cottage Cheese 24oz $3.29Fat Boy Ice Cream Sandwiches 4-6 count $3.99Ivory Bath Soap 3-pack $1.69Doritos 6-9oz 2/$7.00Naked […]