• Here Are Your Current Weekly Specials For 6/15-6/21

    Weekly Specials 6/15-6/21

    Corn .99¢On The Vine Tomatoes $1.49/lbWhole or Sliced Mushrooms 8oz 2/$5.00Fuji Apples $1.29/lbRainier 18-pack cans $15.99Hunts Ketchup 20oz $1.19Nalley Pickles 24oz 2/$5.00Bush’s Baked Beans 22-28oz 2/$5.00Kingsford Charcoal Briquets 12-16lb $11.99Food Club Cheese 2lb $6.99Van Camp’s Pork & Beans 15oz .99¢Pillsbury Cake Mix 15oz $1.39Daisy Sour Cream 16oz $1.99Hungry Man Frozen Meals 13-16oz $3.49Cheetos/Fritos […]

  • New Weekly Specials June 8th to June 14th

    Cantaloupe $1.49/lb

    Russet Potatoes .99¢ 

    Strawberries 1lb $3.99

    Nectarines $3.99/lb 

    Nalley Chili 14oz 2/$3.00

    Cap’n Crunch Cereals 10-12oz 2/$5.00

    Eggo Waffles 8ct 2/$5.00

    Wild Mike’s Pizza 36-38oz $5.99

    Velveeta Shells & Cheese 12-14oz $3.99

    Betty Crocker

    Brownie Mix 16-19oz 2/$5.00

    Tide 46oz $7.99

    Tillamook Ice Cream 48oz $3.99

    Ruffles/Smartfood Popcorn 5-8oz $3.99

    Franz Cookies 10-11oz $3.79

    V-8 46oz $3.29

    Selected Post Cereals 11-14oz $3.49

    Bugles 7.5oz $2.29

    Jolly Time Popcorn 12-19oz $4.29

    Paws […]

  • Weekly Specials 5/25-5/31

    Cantaloupe $1.49/lbOn-the-vine Tomatoes $1.49/lbTaylor Farms Veggie Tray 18oz $5.99Bi-Color Corn 2/$3.00Bullseye or Kraft BBQ Sauce 18oz $1.69Ritz Crackers 8-13oz $2.99Selected Nabisco Crackers 6-9oz $2.69Bush’s Baked Beans 22-28oz 2/$5.00Kraft Salad Dressings 16oz 2/$6.00Cheez It Crackers 9-12oz $3.29Chinet Paper Plates 24-60 count $5.99Fat Boy Ice Cream Sandwiches 6 ct $3.99Lay’s Potato Chips 5-8oz 2/$5.00Western Farms Buns 8 […]

  • Weekly Specials 5/18-5/24

    Broccoli Crowns $1.99/lbFuji Apples $1.49/lbRusset Baking Potatoes .99¢/lbDole Pineapple 2/$7.00Kraft Mayo 30oz $4.49Kraft Miracle Whip 30oz $6.29Selected Keebler Cookies 8-12oz 2/$5.00Darigold Cheese 24-32oz $5.99Selected General Mills Cereals 14-16oz $3.29Dawn Dish Soap 19.4oz $3.29Simply Done Toilet Paper 12 Roll $5.99Darigold Cottage Cheese 16oz $2.29Morningstar Farms Meat Substitutes 8-12oz $3.99Cowbelle Ice Cream 48oz $3.99Fritos/Doritos 7-10oz 2/$6.00Famous Dave’s […]

  • Weekly Specials 5/4-5/10

    Yumi Strawberries 1 lb $3.99Whole or Sliced Mushrooms 8oz 2/$5.00Asparagus $4.99/lbPepsi Products 16.9oz 6-pack bottles 4/$15.00Bubly 8-pack cans 3/$11.00Pepsi Products 7.5oz 6-pack cans 2/$7.00Rockstar 16oz 4/$5.00Truly 12-pack cans $17.99Selected General Mills Cereals 8-12oz 2/$5.00Wide Awake Coffee 10-12oz $4.49Darigold Milk 64oz $2.99Food Club Mayonnaise 30oz $2.39Chicken of the Sea Tuna 5oz $1.19Tide 92oz $14.99Bandon Medium Cheese […]

  • Weekly Specials 4/27 – 5/4

    Roma Tomatoes $1.49/lbPineapple $3.49 eachLemons .59¢Red Grapes $3.49/lbFood Club Olives 6oz 2/$3.00La Victoria Salsa 16oz $2.29Rosarita Refried Beans $1.29Old El Paso Taco Shells 4-6oz 2/$3.00Suddenly Salad 6-7oz 2/$3.00Velveeta Shells & Cheese 12-14oz $4.29Doritos/Ruffles 6-10oz 2/$6.00Santitas Tortilla Chips 10-11oz 2/$3.00Nature Valley Granola Bars 6-8 count 2/$5.00Farman or Nalley Pickles 24oz 2/$5.00Pop Tarts 13.5oz $2.79Skippy Peanut Butter […]

  • Weekly Specials 4/20 – 4/26

    On the Vine Tomatoes $1.99/lbRed Bell Peppers $2.99/lb6oz Blueberries $3.995lb Russet Potatoes 2/$5.00Tillamook 2 lb Cheeses $7.99Pepperidge Farms Garlic Toast $2.99Pillsbury Cake Mixes 15.25oz 2/$3.00Keebler Cookies 8.5-12oz 2/$5.00Chinet Plates 30-70ct. $6.49Cheetos/Fritos 6.5-9.25oz 2/$7.00Naked Breads 22.5oz $2.99Wishbone Salad Dressing 15oz 2/$5.00Mrs Cubbison’s Croutons 5oz 2/$3.00Chef Boyardee Ravioli 15oz 4/$5.00Pillsbury Frosting 16oz $1.79Selected Post Cereals 11-14.75oz $3.49Dawn […]

  • Weekly Specials 4/13-4/19

    Strawberries 1lb $3.99Golden Fresh Pineapple $3.99Taylor Farms Veggie Tray 36oz $10.99Asparagus $3.99/lbPepsi Products 6-pack 16.9oz Bottles 4/$15.00Libby Canned Vegetables 14-15oz .79¢Folgers Coffee 24-30oz $7.99Food Club Butter 1lb $2.99Cool Whip 8oz 2/$4.00Marie Callender’s Pies 36-42oz $5.99Tillamook Ice Cream 48oz 2/$7.00Food Club Canned Pineapple 20oz 2/$3.00Selected Nabisco Crackers 6-13oz 2/$6.00Florida’s Natural Juice 52-59oz $3.49Coffeemate Creamers 32oz $3.89Philly […]

  • Weekly Specials 3/30/22-4/5/22

    D’Anjou Pears $1.49/lbGrape Tomatoes 10oz 2/$5.00Cosmic Crisp Apples $1.49/lb5lb Idaho Potatoes 2/$5.00Bubly 8-pack 3/$10.00Knorr Pasta or Rice Sides 4-5oz 2/$3.00Campbell’s Soups 10.25-10.75oz 2/$3.00Skippy Peanut Butter 15oz 2/$5.00Food Club Saltine Crackers 16oz $1.69Idahoan Mashed Potatoes 4oz 4/$5.00Malt O Meal Cereals 33-42oz $5.49Charmin Mega Roll Toilet Paper 12 roll $14.99Daisy Sour Cream 16oz $1.79Lay’s/Tostitos/Doritos Party size 2/$7.00Kraft […]